What is this about?

Hi. I'm Attila Szegedi and this is my site. I define myself as a software developer, and my activities mostly reflect this. I find challenge in developing elegant server-side software: balancing throughput and processing isolation in multithreaded environments, creating extremely distributed systems, coding secure communications, forging tools for dynamic content generation, leveraging XML (for way too many purposes), and many more. Sometimes I sit down and distill things that I do and as a result they turn up as a publication. Yet at other times I enjoy exploring fractals. Beside all that, I actually have a life.
Recommended resource
If you manage a project (not just software project, any kind of project), don't miss out the WikiWikiWeb. It's a huge common-knowledge pool featuring (among others) project management and software development patterns and antipatterns as well as a wide coverage of Extreme Programming, which is a notable lightweight methodology. Believe me, that site is so valuable that I simply had to mention it on my front page. Another place I regularly hang out is DevelopMentor's Advanced-Java mailing list.


The weblog is here
Old weblog (2004-2005) is here
Mini articles
In-process cross-language object interaction: wrappers or navigators?
A day in the life of a memory leak hunter
Yet another day in the life of a memory leak hunter
Memory leak hunting still doesn't end
Beating Sim City 4 with high-tech
Pitfalls of executing Java code from remote JAR files
Open Source Software involvements
  • Project admin and principal developer of FreeMarker, an open-source template engine in Java. More>>
  • Current maintainer of Rhino, Mozilla's JavaScript interpreter for Java. More>>
  • Founder of the Rhino in Spring, an integration of JavaScript engine with the Spring framework. More>>
"Creating components for Web applications" (Java Report, November 2001)
"Dynamic Slicing of Java Bytecode Programs" (Fifth IEEE International Workshop on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation, 2005)
I'm a devoted fractal-fan and a proud discoverer of several beautiful fractal formulas.
Having life
Meet me and my family in the annotated photo galleries.

You can reach me on the szegedia at freemail dot hu e-mail address. If you want to send me encrypted mail, you can use either my PGP public key or my PKCS #7 digital ID (this is understood by all X.509 enabled mailers such as Outlook Express). You can also contact me through ICQ #11756648. The indicator below shows if I'm online on ICQ at the moment: